TireTek Tire Gauge 0-60 PSI - Tire Pressure Gauge for Truck, Car, Motorcycle, ATV, and SUV with Flexible Air Chuck and ANSI B40.1 Accuracy


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Why buy the TireTek Flexi-Pro Professional Tire Pressure Gauge?

MEASUREMENT RANGE OF 0-60 PSI - perfect for reading tire pressure for any car, truck, suv, bicycle or motorcycle

LARGE & EASY-TO-READ 2 INCH HIGH-CONTRAST DIAL - clearer, more accurate display

360 DEGREE SWIVEL CHUCK - so the dial can be read easily at any angle or position

REINFORCED RUBBER HOSE - no air leakage, accurate readings, heavy duty air pressure gauge and built to last

FREE PROTECTIVE CARRYING CASE - helps you stay organized and protects your tire gauge from drops and knocks

INTEGRATED BLEED VALVE - this easy button allows for precise tire pressure adjustments for overinflated tires

RELIABLE MECHANICAL GAUGE - dependable and accurate pressure readings for years without any batteries!

Why TireTek?

TireTek is a quality automotive accessories brand specializing in calibrated mechanical tire pressure gauges and inflators 100% certified to ANSI B40.1 accuracy standards. We are the trusted choice for any passenger vehicle, car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle.

Benefits of using the TireTek Flexi-Pro Car Tire Pressure Gauge:

SAVE MONEY ON TIRES - preventing over/under inflation dramatically reduces tire wear extending the life of your tires

SAVE MONEY ON FUEL - maintaining your tires at the correct air pressure can save you money at the gas pump

BETTER HANDLING - regular tire pressure monitoring is not only easy but ensures optimum vehicle performance especially in the case of an emergency

KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE - low pressure / under inflated tires are the most common cause of tire failure. Proper tire inflation means all occupants are safer in your vehicle.

Buy your Tire Pressure Gauge today with confidence knowing your tire gauge comes with a LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY (yes really!)

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