Flexi-Pro Tire Pressure Gauge, Heavy Duty – 60 PSI


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A heavy-duty flexible tire pressure gauge, perfect for any car, truck, suv or motorcycle.

  • CALIBRATED to ANSI B40.1 Grade B (±2%) international accuracy standard and featuring an integrated bleed valve button for precise tire pressure adjustment.
  • HEAVY DUTY steel construction with a reinforced rubber hose and longer internal brass joints to prevent air leakage. This gauge is built to last.
  • EASY TO USE with an extended tip and 360 degree swivel chuck, enabling you to take a pressure reading from any angle. This air pressure gauge features an easy to read large 2" dial with air bleeder valve. Perfect for any car, truck, SUV, motorcycle and bicycle.
  • RELIABLE our 0-60 PSI mechanical tire gauge DOES NOT RELY ON BATTERIES, so it will work perfectly in all weather conditions and won't let you down when you need it most.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY since properly inflated tires leads to improved fuel economy and less money spent at the gas pump! Plus, properly inflated tires wear more evenly which means your tires will last a lot longer.
  • WHAT AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY: "This is probably the best Motorcycle/ATV tire pressure gauge I have purchased", "Excellent design and fabrication quality... This one looks and feels like it could survive the Apocalypse", "The swiveling hose and head make it simple to get to those hard to reach areas, like motorcycle wheels. This is my new favorite gauge. I wish I had bought it sooner!".
Order our Mechanic Recommended Air Pressure Gauge now with LIFETIME WARRANTY (yes really!)

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