TireTek Off-Road Tire Deflator with Gauge Air Down Tool


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SAFELY and QUICKLY Deflate your tires with the TireTek Tire Deflator with Pressure Gauge.

Perfect for off-roading where you need additional grip in sand, over rocks or in wet terrain.

Stop deflating your tires the slow way by simply pushing in the valve stem. The TireTek Air Down Tool deflates your tires in a flash!

How does the Rapid Tire Deflator Work?

The Rapid Tire Deflator Gauge works by safely removing the valve core and allowing much more air to escape.

Using the slide valve, you can toggle between releasing air and taking an accurate pressure reading with the large 2" gauge that goes up to 75 PSI.

It's as simple as following these steps:

  1. Attach the threaded end of the valve stem adaptor to your valve stem.
  2. Remove the Valve Core
  3. Toggle the Air Release Slide Valve until you reach your desired tire pressure
  4. Twist the valve core back into position
  5. Remove the Tire Deflator


  • Tire Deflator with Gauge and Premium Braided Air Hose
  • Protective Pouch
  • 4x Replacement Valve Cores
  • 4x Valve Caps
  • 4-in-1 Valve Tool

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